Raoul Reperi chef of the restaurant Avec 55 in Tivoli, Rome. Customer Tuna LTD King King Catch web site.

A very challenging project in 2013 this made ​​for King Tuna LTD. The portal of purchase of fish products certified Friend Of The Sea from Sri Lanka is a true innovation in the broadcasting landscape of the kitchen and into the world market for fish products and good food.

To receive more information on fish products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture certificates Friend Of The Sea can be found at www.friendofthesea.org

The chef recipes Raoul Reperi, owner of the restaurant Avec 55 Tivoli, are masterpieces of culinary art.

Shooting Video and Photography Carlo Mameli, Andrea Issich operator, editing and post-production Lilian Loris

Sul canale YouTube di Tuna King LTD sono disponibili tutte le video ricette di Raoul Reperi.